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1941 Photograph detail

The Photograph was taken at the front door of Frederick (Jnr.) and wife Doris's new house in the Parish of Allesley.

The house, semidetached, was built by Gazey Brothers on a plot of land purchased on behalf of Frederick for 100 from his employer, Frederick Arthur Neal (Local Farmer and Dairyman).The land, 1,076 square yards (or thereabouts) was subject of a conveyance between the two parties dated 28th September 1938.  The cost of conveyancing ?..  Three guineas!

The two house were built with completion at the end of September 1938, just prior to the start of World War II at a cost of 460.  The second house sold for 590 to another buyer later that year.
The family house has sold several times and the latest sale was May 2017 circa 245,000 .

The houses still stand but the land has been further subdivided.  Two additional properties have now been constructed.  All the surrounding farmland has also been developed with additional housing, school, shops and a large Pub and Restaurant. However, with changing lifestyles, the Pub and Restaurant has closed and after demolition has been replaced with superior modern Houses.